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Monday, September 21, 2015

Sail Tominiers can unwind at Parigi Moutong

In a leisurely less than two-hour drive from Palu in Central Sulawesi, Sail Tominis participants and guests can reach the scenic Kayubura beach in Parigi Moutong district to enjoy a plethora of tourism experiences.

Situated some 67 kilometers to the north of Palu, Parigi Moutong is famous for an array of spectacular sceneries that enable the tourists and Sail Tomini participants and guests to enjoy pristine sandy beaches and beautiful mountain rainforests located in proximity.

Famous for the Kayubura beach among several others, fishing, surfing, boating, and sightseeing, the tourists there can discover some of Parigi Moutongs most spectacular and preserved sceneries as well as relaxing, outdoor, rural, and seaside experiences.

The tourists can discover for themselves the charm of the beaches, the ideal places to get away from it all, and relax.

Strolling along the pristine beaches at Parigi Moutong and gazing upon the views along Tomini Bay is a humbling experience, and the visitors can unwind, and life appears to take on a positive perspective.

Tomini Bay, Indonesias second-largest after Cendrawasi Bay in West Papua, is considered to be the center of diversity of marine fauna between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Among the marine fauna in Tomini Bay are some six species of dolphins as well as two species of whales and whale sharks, which often frolic in the water.

Tomini Bay offers amazing crystal clear waters consistently reaching a vertical visibility level of about 40 meters, thereby creating an unobstructed view for divers to enjoy amazing coral formations in rich colors and sheer wall drop offs in various diving sites.

"At Parigi Moutong, you can discover charming villages, enjoy a spectacular scenery from the rolling green hills, and preserved beaches as well as lush rain forests and distinctive wildlife such as the anoa and maleo birds," according to Parigi Moutong Deputy District Head Badrun Nggai.

He noted that Parigi Moutong district, better known as the golden triangle, has a strategic location as it is easily accessible from North, South, and Central Sulawesi.

"Under natural circumstances, Parigi Moutong district comprises land, coastal areas, and rolling green mountains," Badrun affirmed.

Some attractions of the district of Parigi Moutong include Likunggavali cliffs, beaches, and the former Tinombo palace.

Parigi Moutong district, one of the tourist destinations in Central Sulawesi, also has a variety of shops, lodging facilities, eateries, banks, as well as land and sea transportation facilities.

Badrun remarked that the marine waters around Parigi are not well explored, thus the area has a healthy hard coral reef and schools of marine ornamental fish for the divers to enjoy.

Besides the diving sites, there is an island around Parigi Moutong, called Kelelawar (bat) Island, which is flanked by two capes of mangrove forest that form a gate.

The Kelelawar Island is a breeding place for unique yellow, brown, and black bat species.

Therefore, Badrun expressed hope that the international maritime event of Sail Tomini would serve as a milestone for tourism development in Parigi Moutong.

"Development of the tourism sector in Parigi Moutong district has been rather sluggish, but with Sail Tomini 2015, this sector will grow rapidly compared to the past years," Badrun stated in Parigi recently.

He remarked that Parigi Moutong district was selected to host the main event of Sail Tomini on September 19, 2015, at Kayubura beach, and the event will be attended by President Joko Widodo, several ministers, and ambassadors from friendly countries.

Badrun pointed out that Parigi Moutong is the largest district, with several tourism attractions along the Tomini Bay, but they have yet to be optimally developed.

He reiterated that some potential tourist sites in Parigi Moutong district are Kucing beach, Ampibabo Marine Park with beautiful coral reefs, Kelelawar Island, Lingkungvali natural stone, and Equatorial monument, among others.

"However, these sites still lack adequate supporting infrastructure. Therefore, they cannot be relied upon to attract visitors during Sail Tomini, mainly due to the lack of adequate access to these locations," he stated.

Badrun affirmed that Sail Tomini 2015 will serve as a driving force for Parigi Moutong district to develop its tourism sector, so that it can be enjoyed by both local and foreign tourists in the long term even after the conclusion of the Sail 2015 event.

According to Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola, Sail Tomoni aims to accelerate development in the coastal areas of the province and is not being organized for personal gains.

"Therefore, I appeal to all officials to make efforts for the success of the event in Central Sulawesi," he said, adding that Parigi Moutong was chosen to host Sail Indonesia 2015, which was dubbed "Sail Tomini."

The peak events of the festival will be held on September 19 at Kayubura Beach in Pelawa Baru village, Parigi Moutong district.

Indonesian Navys Eastern Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Darwanto recently noted in Surabaya, East Java, that Sail Tomini will cement Indonesias position as a maritime nation.

"Besides reiterating Indonesias status as a maritime nation, Sail Tomini 2015 will also promote Central Sulawesi as a tourism destination among the international community," Darwanto remarked.

According to Darwanto, Sail Tomini will be part of the accelerated development efforts and will help to develop the maritime potential, marine resources, and tourism in Central Sulawesi in particular and Indonesia in general.  (Antara)

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