Record Year for Foreign and Domestic Investment in Bali - increasing by 65% in 2015 reports that the value of total investments in Bali, both foreign and domestic, totaled US$1.9 billion in 2015 - an increase of 65.47% over the US$644.4 million invested in 2014.

The Investment Coordinating Board in Bali (BKPM-Bali) had targeted only US$670 million in new investments for 2015.

Quoted by, the head of the BKPM-Bali office cited strict reporting rules now in place for new investments as bolstering higer ivestment figures.

Investments in Bali in 2015 were comprised of US$500 in foreign investments and US$1.4 billion in domestic investments.

Most investment remains in the Island’s south with US$1.2 billion invested in the Island’s capital of Denpasar and US$455.9 million in the southern regency of Badung. Third on the list for investment was the regency of Gianyar where US$88.2 million was invested.

Hotel and restaurant investment continue to dominate all investments in Bali.

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