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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bali Headed for 4.6 Million Foreign Tourists in 2016

Bali by the Numbers: Bali Tourism Arrivals up 15.25% for Q1 2016

Bali News: Bali, Indonesia, Tourism Arrivals, March 2016
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Bali foreign tourist arrivals for March 2016 totaled 363,958 a number that is 19.2% higher than arrivals in the same month in 2015.

Seen as the entire quarter covering January –March 2016, Bali arrivals hit 1,090,294.

Projecting forward, if Bali maintains a 15.25% growth rate through the end of 2016, the Island will end the year with a record 4.6 million visitors.

A report of strong tourist arrivals is an anomaly on an island that is suffering a severe downturn in hotel occupancies, quiet restaurants, and sparsely attended attractions. This incongruity is explained, at least in part, by government tourist strategies that seek quantity over quality, focusing on generating visits from Mainland China whose visitors generally spend less and stay for shorter periods of time.

Mainland Chinese tourists now represent a 22.74% market share and have become the number one source of tourist visitors. At the end of Q1 2016 tourists from the Middle Kingdom were up 28.26% year-to-date. Extrapolated to the end of the year, look for tourists from China to Bali to total nearly 900,000.

Australia visitors to Bali have slipped to number two in terms of dominance. Month-on-month, Australian tourist totaled 85,206 in March – an increase of 5.6%. On a cumulative basis, Australian arrivals January-March are stagnating increasing only 1.85% at 241,452. Australian market share stands at 22.15%.

Japan, a country that once dominated Bali arrivals, is now in a distant third place with a meager 5.56% market share. Experiencing something of a recovery, Japanese tourists increased 12.7% in March when compared to the same month one year before. Year on year, Japan arrivals are up 5.56%.

Strongest performances through the end of Q1 2016 have been turned in by: United Kingdom (+56.41%), India (+58.49%), Sweden (+57.42%), Germany (+44.04%), USA (+38.34%), France (+20.84%), Russia (+27.79%) and Canada (+19.69%).

Poor arrival performances for Q1 2016 were from the Philippines (-25.38%), Malaysia (-10.27%), South Korea (-10.02%) and Singapore (-5.09%).

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