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Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Shift in National Tourism Sales Strategies

Tourism Ministry to Focus on ‘Hard Selling’ to Achieve Target of 12 Million Foreign Tourists by End of 2016


The Bali Post reports that the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism has announced that moving forward they will employ a program of “hard selling”involving digital marketing in cooperation with airlines, travel wholesalers, travel agents and tour operators.

Speaking at a fast-breaking gathering in Jakarta on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, I Gde Pitana, the Tourism Ministry’s Deputy for Market Development, said, “The hard selling program will represent a breakthrough to increase foreign tourist arrivals in order to achieve the targeted 12 million tourist arrivals for this year.”

Pitana said that hard selling would now receive more attention than current branding programs for “Wonderful Indonesia” and advertising programs. “We will undertake more selling, as compared to branding and advertising, apportioned at 50% selling, 30% branding and 20% for advertising,” said Pitana.

Pitana said that hard selling is bearing positive results with 3,518,726 foreign tourist arrivals nation-wide during the period January-April 2016. This total exceeded arrivals for the same period in 2015 by 7.54% and surpasses the government target of 3.3 million.

Bali’s three main gateways for foreign tourism remain - Bali, Jakarta and Batam. On a countrywide basis, the three largest markets for foreign tourists are Mainland China, Singapore and Australia.

Strongest growth in tourist arrivals for the period January-April 2016 was seen in the following markets: PRC (+2147%), Singapore (+3.46%), Indian (+31.44%), Saudi Arabia (+14.26%) and Egypt (+50.73%).

The Ministry revealed that part of its hard selling initiative would include facilitation of private sector participation at Table Top Travel Shows and overseas sales missions.

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