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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Indonesia ranked 2nd in top destinations for Muslims

Indonesia has been ranked second in the list of "Top 20 Destinations for Muslim Travelers in Ramadan 2016," in the Mastercard-Crescent Rating Ramadan Travel Report.

The deputy for overseas tourism marketing of the Ministry of Tourism, I Gde Pitana on Monday hailed the achievement which showed that Indonesia has become a more favorite destination for Muslim travelers.

In the survey carried out by CrescentRating, Malaysia was ranked first.

The survey was carried out to know the 20 favorite destinations for travelers during the 2016 Ramadhan holiday.

The ten top destinations for Muslim travelers, according to the survey, are Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Brunei Darussalam, South Africa, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Iran and Oman.

Pitana said in the past few years, a number of countries have focused on Muslim majority markets and have thus become his offices focus of attention with regard to tapping their potential to boost foreign visitors to Indonesia.

With the recognition, he said, it is hoped Indonesia will be better known among Muslim travelers across the world.

"This is a potential segment that, we hope, will contribute much to achieving the target of foreign tourist arrivals this year," he said. (Antara)

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