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Sunday, September 25, 2016

5 Reasons and 5 destinations for Diving in Indonesia

Many of you will ask yourselves, why go to Indonesia to dive? What’s special about that country? Indonesia boasts a magnificent enclave known worldwide for offering unique and underwater riches beyond your imagination, with more than 3,000 different species of fish and 600 types of coral. In this article you will learn about the best places to dive in Indonesia, as well as the special charm held by each corner of the islands. 

If we were to highlight five of the strongest attractions of Indonesia, those that set it apart from other diving destinations and make it the best place in the world to practice this sport, they would be the following:

1. The country has more than 54,0000 kilometers of coastline, divided among more than 17,500 islands, most of which make up the well-known “Coral Triangle.” This gives them a wealth of submarine life exceeding 3,000 species of different fish, compared to just 1,500 species on the coast of Australia. 

2. Thanks to the geographical distribution of the islands in Indonesia and the diversity of each island, you can observe concrete species and engage in different sorts of dives, depending on your level of expertise and experience (amateur, mid-level and expert). You can choose between diving in the places visited by more tourists, and diving into crystalline waters that almost no one before you have entered.

3. Diving in Indonesia also allows you to observe sunken remains and drifting objects, remaining from World War II (galleons, ships, etc.), images that you have only seen in movies or documentaries. You can also visit underwater volcanoes and the depths of the ocean trenches.

4. Any island in Indonesia will allow you to dive at any time of the year. Indonesia has a consistent tropical climate that doesn’t go above 31 degrees (87.8 degrees F), and very warm water temperatures. Its paradisiacal beaches of white sand and transparent water help conserve the health of the marine flora and fauna, and they provide conditions of extraordinary visibility for diving (between 25 and 30 meters, in general).

5. On certain islands in Indonesia, you have a chance to observe marine creatures in silence at night (nocturnal diving), or to go in search of the strangest, least known species, hiding in the mud in less crystalline waters (muck diving).

In short, the most remarkable thing about Indonesia is it marine biodiversity, including both fish and coral species. It attracts thousands of divers every year. But which destinations in Indonesia are the best for diving? Please read on.

Best Destinations for Diving in Indonesia:

Raja Ampat
The best place in the world to dive is Raja Ampat. In the depths of its waters you will see and touch more than 1,000 species of fish, manta rays, toadfish, mime octopuses, Orangutan crabs, sharks, dolphins; and it’s the only place in the world where you can see the dugong fish, an endangered species. The marine life of its waters lives around the colonies of protected coral, which make up 75% of all the underwater coral species known in the world.

Bali Island

It is one of the best explored places by divers in Indonesia. Bali offers several diving areas, and in all of them you can find an underwater landscape filled with color and ocean sunfish (one of the largest fishes on the planet). You will also glimpse whale sharks and ocean beds of copious coral. In the depths of Bali’s waters are the remains of one of the most prized wreckages in the world, the USAT Liberty, a cargo ship from the U.S. Navy that was sunk during World War I.


Komodo is an ideal destination for nocturnal diving, thanks to the high visibility of its marine depths. It is a stupendous place for professional divers, accustomed to dealing with strong ocean currents. The ocean floor of Komodo is swarming with ringed octopuses, manta rays, and many other varieties of colorful invertebrates, in addition to its zones of natural coral.


This island, situated in Eastern Indonesia, boasts one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Its warm, crystalline waters make this island an underwater Paradise, filled with small-species fish like parrotfish, Mandarin fish, nudibranchs, star fish, etc. The Strait of Lembeh (in Sulawesi) has more than 50 diving spots, and is one of the best places in the world to practice muck diving.
Dare to dive in Indonesia, and enjoy all the riches and diversity of its marine depths, the best in the world. It’s an experience that not many people will have the opportunity to experience and, if you are among the lucky ones, you’ll never forget it. Do you dare? For further information, please see this article on diving in Indonesia.

Guest Post by  Reynaldo Andaluz, Managing Director

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