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Friday, October 14, 2016

Wakatobi lures tourists with cultural festivals

Wakatobi regency in Southeast Sulawesi is set to hold a festival on Tomia Island on Nov. 3-6, following the success of September's Barata Kahedupa Festival.

 "It will be a cultural festival involving cultural competitions, such as a culinary party, a traditional fishing competition and many other competitions," said Tourism Ministry's 10 New Bali Acceleration Working Group coordinator for Wakatobi Destination Arie Prasetyo, as quoted by tempo.co on Wednesday.

Tomia is home to spectacular diving and snorkeling as well as interesting traditions, such as Safar Traditional Festivity every Safar Month, Bose-Bose, which involves parading colorful boats filled with traditional dishes at the beaches and Sajo Moane Dance, which is a sacred dance performed by male dancers. In December, the regency is slated to hold a combination of festivals and expos dubbed Wakatobi Wave Dec. 1-3. (Jakarta Post)

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