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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Prestigious Platinum Medal for Bali Dynasty Resort

Bali Dynasty Resort was awarded with Platinum Medal during Tri Hita Karana (THK) Awards & Accreditation 2016 on the 1st of December 2016 at Ksirarnawa Hall, Art Centre in Denpasar. The award was given in recognition of its significant achievements in incorporating sustainable spiritual, social and environmental principles and practices into business. This is the resort's second platinum medal after the first one was received in 2015.
The platinum medals are awarded by Tri Hita Karana Foundation to hotels, resorts and other industry sectors who have received the emerald medals three times consecutively. The emerald medals, on the other hand, are presented to three times consecutive gold medal recipients.
Tri Hita Karana is the life concept of Balinese community to accomplish secular and spiritual bliss through the harmonisation of the relationship between humans and God (parahyangan), humans and humans (pawongan), and humans and environment (palemahan). The awards were initiated in 2000 to recognise hospitality operators for adopting this local value in their operation. Four years later the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UN-WTO) endorsed the awards. The awards also gained further support when in 2010 the philosophy became part of the Bali Clean and Green roadmap.
The Bali Dynasty Resort has implemented the Tri Hita Karana principles in its business practices and policy in keeping with the local cultural and spiritual beliefs and trying to make a difference to those less fortunate who have not benefitted from the tourism on the island. For 15 years, Bali Dynasty Resort worked with East Bali Poverty Project to give hopes for a better future to hundreds of children and the community in Pengalusan, East Bali. Having successfully raised over 3 Billion Rupiah for this project, the resort has now turned to Solemen to support individuals in need with healthcare assistance, scholarship and much needed items such as prosthetic legs, wheelchairs, mattresses, Pediasure and more. On the environment side, the resort is committed to operate at a high environmental standard, organising a monthly general clean up with its staff while also taking effort to grow and nurture rare plants in its garden creating a green and clean environment for the comfort of the guests. (Traveldailynews)

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