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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Strong Start for Foreign Arrival Figures for 2017

Bali by the Numbers Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Bali Up 25.95% for January-February 2017. Mainland Chinese Visitors Take a Commanding Lead in Bali Tourism.


The Statistics Office for the Province of Bali reports that tourism arrivals for the month of February 2017 totaled 453,985 comprised of 447,762 arriving by air and the remaining 6,233 by sea.

On a month-on-month basis, arrivals in February 2017 increased 20.82% as compared to the same month one year before.

Total Tourist arrivals from all foreign sources for January-February 2017, hit 914,809 increasing 25.95% over the same period the previous year.

If Bali sustains this rate through the end of 2017 total foreign tourist arrivals will hit 6.175 million by year’s end.

Arrivals from Major Markets

Mainland Chinese: For the first two months of 2017, Mainland Chinese tourists totaled 295,859 representing an increase of 54.63% over the same period the previous year. Demonstrating the success of government efforts to woo Chinese travelers, Mainland Chinese travelers have surged to the top ranking among foreign tourists and now represent a 32.34% market share of all foreign tourist arrivals.


Australian: Once the leading source of foreign tourist visitors, Australia now holds 2nd place, Australian visitors increased year-on-year 16.21% during the first two months of 2016, the resulting total of 181,573 Australian visitors constitute a 19.55% market share.

Indian: Indian tourists have displaced Japan from the number three post, achieving 34,906 arrivals for January-February 2017. That number is 33.12% more Indian tourists that came to Bali in the same two-month period in 2016.

Japanese: Japanese Travelers have slipped into fourth ranking among Bali tourist visitors totaling 34,240 for January-February 2017. Of concern, the fact that Japanese travelers declined 13.48 percent when compared to the first two months of 2016.

U.S. Citizens: Visitors from the United States increased 20.64% over the first two months of 2017, totaling 29,146. This could improve further if Garuda Indonesia goes ahead with plans to commence the USA to Bali service by mid-year 2017.

Also included in the top 10 sources of foreign visitors to Bali for January-February 2017 were:
  • South Korea – Up 5.73% at 29,081
  • U.K. – Up 4.29% at 28,376
  • Russia – Up.94.12% at 24,548
  • Malaysia – Down 4.00% at 24,241
  • Taiwan – Up 17.46% at 23,902

Length of Stay

The Length of stay recorded at starred hotels in Bali for all guests during the month of January was 2.88 days and 3,09 days for February.

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