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Monday, September 4, 2017

Bali Surgawi Festival will showcase the beauty of Bali in Paris

In order: Rows of neat and tidy houses in Penglipuran traditional village, Bangli, Bali, which has become a tourist attraction teem with local and foreign visitors. (JP/Ganug Nugroho Adi)
A nonprofit organization that was established by four French youngsters called Bali Surgawi (Heavenly Bali) is set to host a festival that will highlight the beauty of the Island of the Gods for the first time on September 10 in Paris, France.

Together with tourism ministry’s Indonesia Tourism Officer (VITO) in France, the festival will be held at Petit Bain in Paris and for one full day and will feature plenty of shows and attractions such as traditional market that sells Balinese food and traditional art performances.
“[The festival will also feature] a kecak dance performance and traditional music. In the evening there will be performances from Gamelan Puspa Warna, Joged Nusantra and Sekar Jagat Indonesia,” said VITO's Eka Moncarre.

The event will also feature an art exhibition with Balinese sculptor Nyoman Bujana is set to showcase his skills onsite.

“There will also be a photo exhibition which will feature the works of photographers such as Made Sukerta, Virginie Marion and Karyne Lamouille,” Eka added.

Bali has recently been named as the best destination in the world according to American travel website company TripAdvisor.
France is one of the top three European countries that have the highest number of tourists coming to Indonesia, following after the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, 60 percent of French tourists who travel to Indonesia are from places outside of France.
Last year, the ministry managed to increase 20 percent of the number of French tourists to 250,921 people.
This year the target is 330,000 French tourists and 15 million visits from other international tourists. (JakartaPost)

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