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Friday, September 15, 2017

Indonesia Umbrella Festival 2017 at Pura Mangkunegaran, Solo

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Displaying the entire range of colors of the rainbow, and adorned with fascinating designs, the Indonesia Umbrella Festival 2017 will again take place on 15th to 17th September 2017 in the royal city of  Solo - more formally known as Surakarta - , in the province of Central Java. The event will be held at the grounds of the royal mansion of Pura Mangkunegaran.

This year, the event carries the theme "Sepayung Indonesia" meaning "Indonesia under One Umbrella", thereby expressing Indonesia's unity in cultural diversity as represented in the various styles of umbrellas Originating from across the archipelago. This unique festival will present everything and anything you may wish to know about the diverse styles of traditional umbrellas throughout Indonesia , in addition to displays of the exquisite art of batik, for which Solo is renowned. The festival will also feature umbrella arts from other countries such as from Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, and China.

Building up the hype of the festival, hundreds of brightly colored umbrellas are already decorating the terminals of the Adisumarmo International Airport of Solo. On Saturday, 2nd September 2017, passengers arriving at the airport were surprised by a special welcome complete with traditional dance and an umbrella show as part of the soft launch of the Indonesia Umbrella Festival 2017.

Founder of the Mataya Art and Heritage institute and coordinator of the festival, Heru Prasetya, said that the beautiful umbrellas will continue to decorate the airport until the end of the festival on 18th September 2018. "With these decorative umbrellas, we wish to welcome visitors to Solo at the airport with the region's traditional values, at the same time bolster the promotion of Solo as a top tourist destination in Indonesia" conveyed Heru Prasetyo

As extraordinary feature, the festival this year has as royal patron, namely princess GRAJ Ancillasura Marina Sudjiwo , or more familiarly known as Gusti Sura.
Gusti Sura is a princess of the royal house or Kadipaten of Mangkunegaran and daughter of the current Adipati or ruler of the royal house of Mangkunegaran, Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Aryo Mangkunegaran IX.

Solo, or Surakarta was originally the seat of the New Mataram kingdom, but following the struggle for succession and through the Treaty of Gianti and Salatiga in 1757 the kingdom came to be divided into two ruling royal houses, namely the Sunanate of Solo and the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. Each was again subdivided into the junior Houses, being the House of Mangkunegaran in Solo and the House of Paku Alaman. After the split, the Sultan of Yogya moved his palace to the present city of Yogyakarta, where is also located the seat of the house of Paku Alaman, The division brought to an end the reign of the New Mataram Kingdom

Standing in the northern part of Solo, the Mangkunegaran Palace is an exquisite representation of true Javanese architecture and design of typical of aristocratic palaces. The palace is known as puri or pura (pronounced as "puro" in Javanese), to differentiate this from the Keraton, the Palace of the then reigning Sunan of Solo and the Sultan of Yogya. 
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Therefore, it shows slightly different characteristics. The Mangkunegaran palace is mainly distinguished by the absence of a public square - or alun-alun - where usually are planted a classic pair of Banyan trees as usually found in Javanese main cities.

As a monument of the Mangkunegaran dynasty (following the blood line of its founder Raden Mas Said or also known as Pangeran Sambernyawa), Pura Mangkunegaran was built in 1757, which shows a stronger influence of European interior decorative art.
When in Solo, do not miss a visit to the exquisite Mangkunegaran Palace.(

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