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These lovely dwellings perched at 2,150 meters above sea level, are the highest village on the island of Java. Flanked by deep gorges on the slopes of Mt. Bromo in East Java, you will find mist hovering, painting the sky as though the village floats among the clouds. Being in the highlands, the average temperature is around 0 - 25 degrees Centigrade, with cool to pretty cold refreshing air. Ngadas Village in the regency of Malang in East Java has recently been inaugurated as a Traditional Cultural Village next to the title it already holds as Official Tourism Village since 2007.
Photo Source : Elisha Prima

The Tengger villagers are the indigenous inhabitants of this most surreal landscape situated only 6.5 km from the iconic Mount Bromo. Here, the people will welcome you to stay in their homes to be part of your precious travel experience. Mujianto, the village chief said that many tourists spend the night here before heading on to Mt. Bromo. “We have around 50 local homestays, equipped with water heaters to provide better service to our guests,” he explained.

Until today, villagers of Ngadas still practice the ancient rituals and ceremonies that are believed to bring them order, good fortune and prosperity.Despite differences in religion among them, where some embrace Buddhism while others Islam or Hinduism, they, nonetheless, share a peaceful and harmonious communality. In some homes you may even encounter a family where members embrace three different religious faiths, but still live happily together. The kitchen or pawon is the heart and hearth of each home in Ngadas. They sincerely welcome guests to warm themselves by the fire while getting acquainted with the family.
The Bromo-Tengger-Semeru area having been recognized as one of the top 10 new Priority Destination in Indonesia, this has made it important for the people of Ngadas village to enhance their local services to cater to more visitors. The government has supported this progress in many ways such as paving better roads to provide easier walks from Ngadas to Mt. Bromo. The village lies within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park along with the nearby Gubugklakah Village. Most people here work at farming in plantations and horticultural gardens. There are also many tourist spots to explore around the area, such as the Coban Trisula, Coban Pelangi and Ranu Pani.

“I am very confident that East Java will excel in taking a leading role as Indonesia’s new priority tourist destination. Since it is indeed in the blood of the people here to act fast. They are full spirited and boldly meet any positive challenge,” said Arief Yahya, Indonesian Minister of Tourism.
Photo Source: Elsha Prima
From the city center of Malang, the village lies around 30 kilometres away. The undulating terrains along some paths may require good off road vehicles as well as an experienced driver. Be sure to rent your car from a trustworthy operator and recheck the price before closing the agreement. You will find the splendor of the green natural tapestry unwinding as you further explore the village. Get to know the village atmosphere and aura exuding from the working farmers, the cheerful children and the women wearing sarongs and batik as their daily attire.

Stay and feel at home here and grasp the beautiful images of Ngadas village, as you will cherish this memory forever.
Photo source of header banner: Jansen Chua

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