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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Probolinggo "Karapan Sapi" becomes annual tourism spectacle

JP/Aman Rochman

Held during the planting season, the cow race has now become a tourist attraction.

Tens of farmers gathered in a paddy field with their cows in Jrebeng subdistrict, Probolinggi city, East Java, on Sept. 2 as part of the annual Karapan Sapi Brujul (plowing using cows) (KSB) festival.
Held during the planting season, the KSB has now become a competition and tourism event, which was initiated by the administration to highlight traditional art and culture and preserve it as well as to increase tourist arrivals.
One of the participants, 59-year-old Misman, said the KSB served as a form of gratitude to God for the abundance of water during the planting season that runs between June and September. The farmers later used the opportunity to hold a cow race.
JP/Aman Rochman

A participant enthusiastically joins the race

"I brought six cows to this race; just for fun. Hopefully if I win, the price of my cows can increase at the market by around 15 percent," added Misman.
The event's committee head, Pramino Legowo, said it was part of Probolinggo's 659th anniversary celebrations.
"This year's KSB was attended by 80 participants -- all hailing from Probolinggo. The registration was free," he added. (JakartaPost)

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