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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Padang travel mart participants served with traditional Bajamba eating culture

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The West Sumatra Provincial Government entertains 2018 Padang Travel Mart participants with bajamba eating culture and Kim`s art that combines music and quizzes with prizes.

"This culture is very interesting and praised by many tourists who come to West Sumatra, because of that we offer Padang Travel Mart participants who are national and international tourism service players," said Head of the Promotion Division of the West Sumatra Tourism Office, Didit P Santoso in Padang on Sunday.

Didit is optimistic eating bajamba and Kim`s art will be one of the attractions that can be used to attract national tourism service players to participate in promoting West Sumatra tourism packages according to the objectives of Padang Travel Mart 2018.

Eating bajamba is one of the Minang cultures, namely eating together. It can be followed by tens to thousands of people at once. This time, participants are brought to eat bajamba at Sawah Laman Restaurant, Tanah Datar Regency.

They will be divided into several groups consisting of 3-7 people sitting in a circle.

Later one host will serve as a janang, a person designated to accompany guests to eat rice or side dishes.

Rice and side dishes are served in one tray or large dish. There is chicken curry, rendang, tamarind meat, eggplant balado, meatball, and other side dishes.

Before eating, the bajamba meal was opened with a Minang art performance and a tradition of reciprocal rhymes.

While Kim`s art is a blend of music entertainment with quiz prizes. Participants are given several sheets of paper containing a row of numbers.

Singers on stage will play a song. The lyrics are special because there is a number of sequences in it.

Winners who are eligible to get prizes are the complete number of numbers mentioned by all singers.

Chairperson of the Tourism Travel Entrepreneurs Association (ASITA) West Sumatra Ian Hanafiah said the two cultures offered to the 2018 Padang Travel Mart participants were able to enliven the atmosphere.

"It used to be quite a lot of tourism service players outside of West Sumatra who know these two cultures, but now they are starting to disappear. We are reintroducing it to the public," he said.

On the last day of Padang Travel Mart, Sunday (Oct 21), participants will be taken to visit a number of tourist destinations in West Sumatra.

Padang Travel Mart 2018 is a business to business meeting between West Sumatra tourism service players and national and international tourism service operators in the promotion of regional tourism packages.

At the first performance, 44 sellers (tourism players) from West Sumatra, 71 buyers (tourism service players) including 30 from Malaysia and seven from Singapore participated in the activity. (Antara)

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