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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Win a trip to Bali and Labuan Bajo by joining Trip of Wonders Quiz

Take the adventure to explore Indonesia in this Trivia Challenge and win a FREE trip to Indonesia.
There are a lot of clues hidden in the articles published on the website. Make sure you browse through as many articles as possible to increase your chances of winning!

You will be helping the mascot answer several questions in each stage. Remember that you only have 1 (one) minute to answer each question. If you failed to answer after the time is up, your answer will be considered wrong. Do not answer randomly because it could lose some score.
Rack up points until the second stage and start challenging people in the third, fourth and fifth stage. Have fun and show to the world how much you know about Indonesia!
- First Badge: 250 pts
- Second Badge: 500 pts
- Third Badge: 800 pts
- Fourth Badge: 1100 pts
Do not forget to share the happiness and fun of this game by sharing your scores and progress on your social media or blog. Tagging or mentioning us could give you additional chances to win the prize.
Ready to start your adventure? Yuk kita mulai!

Here is a bit of help from the mascots for the initial articles you have to read. Do not forget to check out and explore these related articles too:
The prize will be a free trip to wonderful destinations in Indonesia.
You must find out what type of traveller you are before we can determine the best destination in Indonesia for you to visit by taking the ‘What Type of Traveller are You’ Quiz.
Take the quiz now and rack up points!

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