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Monday, January 7, 2019

Bandung’s Cool New Fun-Packed Family Parks

Pasundan (the land of the Sundanese) was created when God was smiling”, says a famous quote from MAW Brouwer, renowned Dutch psychologist and writer who spent most of his life in Bandung. This could not have been a better illustration of the irresistible beauty of the city and everything around it. Completely surrounded by mountains, Bandung, capital city of West Java Province is blessed with a cool and pleasant climate as well as picturesque open vistas. During the old colonial days, it attracted rich Dutch colonial planters to make the city their retreat away from the hot tropical climate along the coast. The reputation still holds to this day, where Bandung remains a favorite retreat for entire families to enjoy its fresh air and picturesque sceneries. By toll road, Bandung is only a couple of hours’ ride from Jakarta.

Today, aside from refreshing cool air and inspirational sceneries, families can also enjoy a wide range of exciting fun activities in the many latest recreation parks and resorts spread over the highlands of north Bandung. Here are among some of the parks and resorts that guarantee fun and pleasurable experiences for the entire family:

1 | Pramestha Birds & Bromelia Pavilion

Situated on the hills of Dago area on jalan Akaza Utama Street, Dago Giri, within the Pramestha Resort Town, this is the latest exciting attraction to the flower city of Bandung. Located near the famous Day &Nite Eatery and Grocery Bandung, here visitors can observe, interact and play with numerous exotic birds such as Caique Parrots, Ambon Parrots, Red Parrots, owls, Macaw Scarlets, and more. There is also a pond filled with pretty fish as well as a beautiful gardens which make perfect background for selfies.

2 | Kampung Gajah Wonderland
Kampung Gajah literally translated meaning Elephant’s Village, this park quickly rose to become one of the most popular one stop recreation centers in Bandung. Situated in the highlands of Cihideung, Parongpong, here you can enjoy Horse Riding, Segway Adventure, ATV Adventure, Robot Rides, Decorated car Rides, paintball game, Bungee Trampoline, Exciting Waterpark with all sorts of splashing actions, and a whole lot more. To recharge your energy after all the fun adventures, the park also comes complete with restaurants serving Sunda, Indonesian, Oriental, and Western food.

3 | De’Ranch Lembang

Do you yearn to know what it feels like to be a cowboy? Head to Lembang, just slightly north of Bandung and you can feel the sensation of horse riding like a cowboy complete with catchy outfits. Featuring an authentic atmosphere of a western ranch, here you can ride horses in cowboy style, ride horse drawn carriages,there are pony rides for children, play in the Indian Totem Web Pool, shoot in the archery arena, slide down the flying fox, and whole lot more exciting activities.

4 | Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park
Dusun Bambu or the Bamboo Village is a unique eco-friendly recreation park that take visitors into the magnificent harmony of nature. Emphasizing on the seven aspects of life: Ecology (nature), Education, Economic, Ethnology (culture), Ethics, Esthetics (Aesthetics), and Entertainment, the park fuses the values of traditional culture with modern sustainable living. Visitors can walk around lush rice paddies, play at the bamboo playground, marvel at the beautiful gardens, take boat rides on the lake, or enjoy dining on Sundanese authentic taste at the beautiful lakeside restaurants. Situated at the foot of Mount Burangrang, on jalan Kol.Masturi, Cisarua, West Bandung Regency, this 15 hectares park is definitely a perfect retreat.

5 | Floating Market Lembang
If you think that floating markets can only be found along river-side cities such as in Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan, well guess again, for there is now one in the highlands of Lembang no less, on the northern hills of Bandung. However unlike the one in Banjarmasin, this Floating market in Lembang is not where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, or other groceries. Instead, it is a market that is filled with an assortment of delicious food and snacks, and you enjoy it as you float on a boat on the lake, how’s that for a culinary sensation? More than just culinary delicacies, there are also other attractions that you can find here such as a Rabbit Park, Mini Becak(Traditional rickshaw) Rides, a Train Miniature Park, ATV Rides, and more.

6 | Farmhouse Susu Lembang
Stepping into the grounds of the Farmhouse Susu Lembang is like entering a whole different realm. First opened in 2015, this park lets visitors experience classical European country sites, even including Hobbiton, the Village of hobbits which only exists in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy. Here you can find typical English Tudor houses, Country sites depicting Eguisheim town in France, and you can even dress up as 17th century Victorian English ladies and take pictures wearing them. The park even has its own “love” padlock bridge resembling the Pont des Arts in France where couples can express their love and literally hang padlocks on the bridge. For kids, there is a petting zoo where they can play with sheep, bunny rabbits, iguanas, sugar gliders, and more. Another unique feature is that the IDR 20.000 entrance ticket will not only get you inside but the ticket also serves as a voucher for a cup of Lembang’s fresh milk or one barbequed sausage on a stick.  (

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