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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Four Seasons Sayan Launches Bali’s First Year-Round Wellness Retreat

Every dawn brings a new day, new offerings, new possibilities and new causes for gratitude. For these reasons – and countless more – Four Seasons Resort Sayan is launching Bali’s first year-round wellness retreat. Inspired by Ubud’s unique healing energy, and the Balinese daily rituals of thanks, guests can check-in any day of the year and embark on a personal journey of discovery into their ‘well of being.’

“Ubud’s special energy has been drawing spiritual seekers and well-being devotees for decades. It’s Bali’s ‘retreat center,’ but so often these retreats are designed around the seasons or personalities hosting them,” shares Regional Spa Director Luisa Anderson. “We believe there shouldn’t be a time frame or time limit for embarking on a well-being journey. So we were inspired to design a three-night retreat that could be commenced at any point – and extended and tailored to suit every individual.”

‘Guided by Gratitude’ has been mindfully designed by Resident Wellness Mentor, Ibu Fera – a former Buddhist nun – and new Spa and Wellness Manager, Faraaz Tanveer: a yoga, Reiki and meditation master. The program includes various meditation sessions (guided, candlelight Mala, kirtan chanting, walking meditation and more), yoga classes, a Balinese water blessing ritual, sound therapy with crystal singing bowls, chakra rebalancing spa treatment, and an exclusive Sacred Nap experience: guests rocked to sleep in a silk hammock while listening to nature’s melody and Buddha’s story.

“It’s our heartfelt intention that guests immerse themselves in the deepest of rest; experience the silence within; listen to the wisdom of their hearts; and foster a deep loving connection with the self,” comments Fera. “The natural result is the release of fear and tension – and the opening of the heart – enabling them to return home with a renewed sense of being alive, filled with gratitude for the many blessings in life and fully open to new possibilities.”

Retreat participants will be supported in all their well-being choices with the option to observe silence throughout the program. The resort also offers a flexible approach to dining. While breakfast is included, all other meals are add-ons: from the lush setting of Riverside restaurant to Modern Indonesian cuisine at Ayung Terrace, extensive wellness selection including vegan cuisine, and seven-course Balinese Chef’s Table at Sokasi.

The year-round Retreat will have an auspicious launch too. The first guests will be able to check-in from March 2019, coinciding with Nyepi (Balinese New Year). Known as the ‘Day of Silence,’ Nyepi is a time of self-reflection involving prayer, offerings of gratitude and meditation. From dawn on March 7 until dawn on March 8 almost all activity ceases – airports, roads and business are closed; no fires are lit and no electricity is used – providing a unique opportunity to connect with self and surrounds, unhindered by the usual distractions and industry. The stars shine ever brighter and the sound of nature is dominant as Mother Earth is given a full 24-hours of rest. The perfect way to mark a fresh start in Bali, Guided By Gratitude.

Visit Guided by Gratitude for more details and online bookings (luxurtytravelmagazine)

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