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Monday, April 1, 2019

Foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia rise 6.12 percent in Feb-2019

Aceh (Source: Antara)
The Central Bureau of Statistics' (BPS') data indicated a growth of 6.12 percent in the number of foreign tourist arrivals in Indonesia in February 2019, reaching 1.27 million, compared to 1.2 million in February 2018.

During the January-February 2019 period, 2.48 million foreign tourists had arrived in the country, an 8.19 percent rise, as compared to 2.3 million during the same period in 2018, BPS Chief Suhariyanto stated here on Monday.

In February 2019, Malaysian tourist arrivals had reached 275.3 thousand, up 33.67 percent than that in February 2018.

China stood second, with 200.9 thousand tourists, or a decrease of 6.31 percent, as compared to that during the corresponding period last year.

Singapore was placed third, with 147.9 thousand tourists, or a 17.86 percent rise.

Of the total foreign tourist arrivals, 731.45 thousand arrived in Indonesia aboard flights, 354.98 thousand by ships, and 184.40 thousand by means of land transportation.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government has set a target of receiving 20 million foreign tourists in 2019.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya noted in a recent statement that Indonesia had recorded more than 15.81 million foreign tourist arrivals last year, up 12.58 percent, as compared to 14.04 million a year earlier.

The tourism ministry had named five countries as the highest contributors of tourists to Indonesia last year: Malaysia, with 2.50 million, or 15.83 percent; China, with 2.14 million or 13.52 percent; Singapore, with 1.77 million or 11.19 percent; Timor Leste, with 1.76 million or 11.15 percent; and Australia, with 1.30 million or 8.23 percent.  (Antara)

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