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Monday, June 10, 2019

Indonesia in the top five Best Locations for Water Sports and Dolphin Watching

There are many great places to swim with dolphins, go whale watching, and try your hand at activities like parasailing, SCUBA diving and water skiing. The vast majority of tourists stick to just a handful of countries and a number of tried and tested locations, but if you broaden your horizons a little there is so much more to explore, including:

5. Indonesia

Indonesia is a hotspot for water sports, extreme sports and adventures the likes of which you just can’t get anywhere else. It’s a country known for its beautiful beaches and pristine waters, as well as hundreds upon hundreds of islands.

Everywhere you go there are water sport companies catering for tourists and locals alike, offering all kinds of diving, dolphin watching, and boating activities. The competition is high, so the prices are low, ensuring you get more than your money’s worth.

Bali is often the first choice for tourists in Indonesia, but there are many more great islands throughout this country and if you want somewhere a little less busy but just as beautiful, you may be better of visiting one of the other big tourist islands.

4. Florida, USA

The United States of America isnt the fist country that springs to mind when you think of water sports and dolphin watching. The coastal locations are either too cold, too busy or too polluted to enjoy as they should be enjoyed.

There are some exceptions, though, and the best of these can be found in the state of Florida. The Sunshine State is a tourist hotspot because of places like Disney World, but there is so much more to this state than that.

There are many great places here, from the Florida Keys to the city of Destin, with boat rides in Destin being some of the best ways to see and swim with dolphins in all of the US.
3. Eli Malk Island, Palau
The island of Palau is perfect if you want to explore the world that exists under the water. The waters are clear and warm and the marine life are friendly. This is especially true for Jellyfish Lake, which is so-named because of the tail-to-tail jellyfish that swarm through this lake every morning. They are harmless, so you can swim right through them without issue.

Just make sure you take your camera with you as there are some Instagrammable shots that you wont want to miss.
2. Brandenburg, Germany
If youre not in the mood for high-octane water sports and went something a little more relaxed, head for Germany and the waterways that twist and turn through Brandenburg. There are dozens of canoe and kayak trails, with waterways that are surrounded by evergreen greenery, looking like something right out the Bayou, only with fewer alligators and more bearable humidity!
1. Hanauma Bay, Hawaii
Located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, there is a truly mesmerizing sight that will take your breath away. Hanauma Bay is the ultimate destination for anyone with an affinity for the sea, and its also one of the greatest untouched, unspoiled and unknown diving destinations in the world.

Pack your snorkeling gear and get close to the local marine life living amongst the coral. There is a world of wonder just waiting for you beneath those turquoise waters.

(Contributed by Nicky, Flippers Adventures)

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