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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Places to visit in Indonesia to capture incredible pictures

A beautiful amalgamation of approximately 17,000 islands and rich culture and tradition, Indonesia has become the most popular name on everyone’s travel bucket list. Home to some of the most unbelievable beautiful destinations and lip-smacking street food, there’s no way that you can say no to Indonesia. Misty mountains, rocky beaches having turquoise sparkling water and the richest coral bed in the world will greet you on arrival. Save on your travel expenses by using best coupons for flight bookings.

To help you plan your trip better, here are some of the most picturesque destinations in Bali, Indonesia to treat your eyes with magical views and click dreamy pictures. Pictures from these places are surely going to make you popular on Instagram, setting some serious travel goals. Let’s read further without further delay.

Top Places to Visit in Indonesia for Incredible Pictures 

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Bromo Tengger isn't your usual tourist destination. It’s a mesmerizing area of 800 square kilometers in the East Java of Indonesia. It’s in this park that Mount Semeru lies, 3,676 meters above the sea level. You can capture the smoke coming from this active volcano, it’s totally astonishing. This place is frequented by trekkers and photographers to capture the crater that emanates white smoke skywards.

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park also houses an upland plateau and some panoramic lakes around it. You can plan a trek to Mount Bromo and please your eyes with some of the rarest views in the world.

Kelimutu Lake
Nature has its own ways to surprise humans and in Indonesia, it’s the Kelimutu Lake that will make you drop your jaws. Mount Kelimutu embraces three lakes at a height of 1,690 meters above the sea level. What’s so surprising in this, you ask? Well, these lakes are known for changing color from time to time. People have spotted them in red, white, and green at a time, while a couple of travelers reported witnessing brown, blue, and black color during their visit. Sounds interestingly weird, right?
Pic Credit : Pinterest
The locals believe that the lakes are sacred and serve as the resting place for their ancestors and all departed souls. Walk around the area surrounding forests, it’s rich in endangered and rare flora and fauna.

Raja Ampat’s Island
It’s just recently that Raja Ampat’s was discovered by humans. This one is a beautiful archipelago of serene islands with rich flora and fauna. Raja Ampat’s make for a perfect destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water activities. It’s a paradise for all the scuba enthusiasts, there’s a beautiful bed of some rare species of corals of all colors and shapes. It’s definitely nothing less than a dream.
The beautiful beaches on this island will have the waves come and softly kiss your feet. The clear turquoise blue water and the lush green forest in the backdrop give out the most peaceful vibe one can ever experience.
Pro Tip: Carry enough cash with you when you visit Raja Ampat’s, there are no ATMs on the island.

Pink Beach
Get ready to romance with Nature at this mesmerizing Pink Beach. Perfect to click the more goal worthy pictures for your Instagram, the Pink Beach of Indonesia is beautiful beyond this world. This is one among the 7 pink beaches in the world and the sand is pink in color because of the red pigment produced by Foraminifera, a microscopic animal. The pigment combines with the white sand to leave behind a soft pink colored sand and it’s beautiful!
Charge your camera and capture the sun while it decides to go down, it’s a fairytale view that’s going to stay with you for years and years to come. But to give you a heads up, the Pink Beach is a part of Komodo National Park that’s a natural habitat for Komodo Dragons, the largest living lizard in the world. These dragons can swim across islands in no time and are dangerous so if you stop one at a distance, it’ll be a good idea to not risk your life.

Handara Gate
Yes, it’s the same gate that you’ve seen all over Instagram and bookmarked for your future visit. Handara Gate is an ancient traditional gate and plays a vital role in Indonesian tradition and culture. Handara Gate is a perfect spot for photographers to add an amazing shot to their photo gallery. Visit during early hours offer a stellar view with rays of the morning sun passing through the gate, it makes for a perfect shot!

   Pic Credit : Twipu
Due to its immense social popularity, Handara Gate is often crowded with tourists. The locals have started charging a small fee to get clicked in front of the gate but it’s totally worth it. Pack your bags and get going right away!
Lake Tamblingan
Tamblingan Lake is a bewitching natural beauty that leaves everyone spellbound. Virgin from the technical advancement of the tourism industry, the Bali government has decided to not allow any kind of tourist activities including water sports at the location. All that you will find are the traditional rowing boats to take you around and it’s totally enthralling.
The scenery makes for a jaw-dropping picture worth many thousand likes on your Instagram account. So get in action with your camera and capture some stunning clicks at this beautiful lake.

Gigi Hiu
A view straight outta movies, Gigi Hiu is a perfect place to visit in Indonesia to capture incredible pictures. This beautiful island isn’t meant for water-sports, it’s a comforting place to soak your soul in a peaceful atmosphere. The island’s name ‘Gigi Hiu’ literally means ‘shark teeth’ and the beach is full of pointed towers of rocks that look exactly like shark teeth, just a lot more pretty.
Due to pollution free weather and very minimal human interference, if you’re lucky enough you will be able to see the milky way galaxy right from the Gigi Hiu beach. It is to note that there’s no accommodation available on the Gigi Hiu beach. Tourists need to book their homestays at Kiluan Bay, the closest village to Gigi Hiu.

Mangrove Trees, Walakiri Beach
East Sumba has a treasure tucked in the arms of nature and it’s the Walakiri Beach. Famous for the sunset hues, this beach has the most beautiful Mangrove Trees that add extra beauty to the beach. The trees twist as if performing a special dance step while the sky paints the atmosphere with the hues of orange, pink, and red as if God is trying to paint the most beautiful picture ever! It’s definitely a sight for the sore eyes.
Pic Credit : Pinterest
Whether it’s the morning hours or the sunset hour, the panoramic beauty of Walakiri Beach will make you believe in the thing called paradise. It’s a therapy for eyes and the calm aura of the place sprinkles happiness in the air. It’s magical! Get here with your camera and click some of the most brilliant pictures of your life, you’ll be a hit on social media instantly!

These were some of the best places to visit in Indonesia if you want to treat your eyes with the most beautiful scenes in the world and capture them in your camera to make a lifetime memory. Indonesia is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world and can be perfect for a visit with friends as well. Plan your trip to Indonesia now and click some mouthwatering pictures for the Insta-fam. If you want to save more on your trip, use GrabOn coupons and deals while you book your tickets and hotel. Have a great trip!

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