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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Traditional Betawi orchestra plays at Jakarta Art Theater for first time

Dancers perform a traditional Betawi dance during the Tempo Doeloe (Olden Days) Betawi culinary festival in Setu Babakan, South Jakarta, on June 23. The event was held to commemorate Jakarta’s 492nd anniversary. (The Jakarta Post/P.J. Leo)
A Betawi-style orchestral show entitled “The Harmony of Betawi” was held for the first time in a prominent city venue for art performances, the Jakarta Arts Building (GKJ), on Friday evening.\

The show showcased musical and dance performances with a touch of ethnic and modern arts.
“I really appreciate the Cultural Arts Training Center [PPSB], which has managed to present the orchestra. This is very historic,” Jakarta Tourism and Cultural Agency head Edy Junaedi said on Friday as reported by
During the show, conductor Iwan Miradz presented lines of various renditions of traditional, Indonesian pop and famous international music with the Betawi orchestra.
Traditional dances also swayed the audience during the Friday performance.
Edy commended the show, saying that it was not an easy feat to combine traditional and modern arts in one performance. The event was held as part of a celebration series for Jakarta’s 492nd anniversary.

He expressed hope the event could help preserve traditional Betawi arts and cultures, which has been influenced by many cultures such as Chinese, Arabian and European.
“Jakarta not only offers lines of skyscrapers, but its cultures must also be an attraction [to visitors]. That is what we need to explore more,” he added. (JakartaPost).

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