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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Indonesia's Tourism Market 3rd in Asia after South Korea, Japan

Foreign tourists are surfing the Green Bowl Beach, Ungasan, South Kuta, Bali, Maret 2017. Tempo/Francisca Christy Rosana
Indonesia's tourism market was recorded at US$6 billion (Rp84.6 trillion), according to Goldman Sachs' data. As quoted by Traveloka Xperience Head of Marketing Terry Santoso, the data also suggests an increase has taken place in Asia's tourism activities.

The Asian country ranked first in the number of tourism activities is South Korea, which is sixfold higher than the previous year. The second spot is Japan with 4-times the number of tourism activities compared to last year.

Surprisingly, Indonesia ranks third with an increase up to three times compared to the previous year.
“The market experience is already huge. The total market here is US$180 billion, with a third of that in Asia, and 10 percent of that in Indonesia,” said Terry in his presentation during the launch of the partnership between Traveloka and Doraemon in Jakarta on Monday.

He says Indonesia’s tourism has managed to overtake Singapore and Thailand that respectively places in the fourth and fifth spots. Both have experienced a twofold growth in tourism.
Moreover, Terry sees that the market of activity tourism faces three challenges; first is the domination of offline activities that makes grow less rapid than digital development. Second is the challenge from business owners to help inspire potential tourists, and finally, there must be a sense of trust between the operator and consumers. (Antara/Tempo)

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