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Friday, June 12, 2020

Tourists Fill Canggu Beach Despite Bali's Closed Status

Despite a public restriction for outdoor activities and official government announcements to remain at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, groups of tourists could be seen relaxing at one of Bali’s popular spots, Canggu Beach. 
Canggu Beach (Source:
Based on Tempo’s observation on Thursday, June 11, dozens of tourists were surfing the waves in Canggu's Batu Bolong area. A local surfboard rent service operator, Nyoman Suarnawan, said to Tempo that it had opened its services for five days and “There would always be tourists renting.”
Nyoman admitted that he had already been informed about the announcement by local authorities or ‘pecalang’ about Canggu’s closure. However, he said that he does not understand how the closure is implemented as, at the same time, he saw many tourists continue to arrive. 
Candra (35) who originally comes from Ponorogo, East Java, echoed Nyoman’s confusion regarding the beach closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic but decided to open his surfboard renting services to generate income.
“So I could have an income just to survive,” said Candra. 
Apart from surfboard rents that already opened for business, there were also a number of restaurants that have opened along the beach coastline. 
Asked about the situation at Canggu Beach, North Kuta village leader I Putu Eka Parmana claimed that the tourists that were seen spending time at the tourist destination had entered illegally from alternative access roads. He also said that the local administration is already overwhelmed by these types of tourists. 
“We can only remind them to maintain physical distances and always wear their masks,” said Eka Parmana. 
As for the restaurants that were visibly open for business, he said that even if it is a direct effect of a policy, it is mainly driven by the fact that many tourists have been staying at Bali’s Canggu Beach and assured that only restaurants are open while nightclubs will remain closed. 
The Bali Provincial government has yet to open for tourism activities or even preparing for a new normal phase due to the rising number of COVID-19 infections in Dewata Island. (


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