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Friday, August 21, 2020

East Java's Jolotundo Temple Continues to Attract Tourists

One of Mojokerto’s cultural tourist destinations, the Jolotundo Temple, had been packed by visitors in the Islamic New Year holiday. This destination is located in one of East Java’s mountain slopes with cool temperatures. 

A visitor from Surabaya, Fauzan, who said to Antara that he came to visit the temple with his parents during the long weekend. “Coincidentally, there are four days of vacation which is why we wanted to tour the natural scene and feel the chilly air,” he said on Thursday, August 20. 

Besides its cool weather, Jolotundo also houses a natural spring that has attracted tourists annually. 

Another visitor, Iwan, traveled to the attraction with his family for the natural spring. “The water is clean, fresh, even though [we] have to jostle with other visitors,” he said. 

A staff at Jolotundo Temple, Ahmad, asserted that tourists are strictly required to obey existing health protocols as numerous self-hygiene facilities have been prepared across the temple. (Tempo.co)


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