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Monday, September 13, 2021

Bogor Botanical Gardens to Present Special Night Tour GLOW


The atmosphere of the Glow Botanical Gardens attraction at the Bogor Botanical Gardens.y Doc. Instagram @glowkebunraya

Bogor Botanical Gardens is set to present a new experience for visitors through its night tour program dubbed GLOW. The tourist site in the heart of Bogor City will be opened at night with eye-catching beautiful lights, music, and collections of plants.

According to the GLOW Kebun Raya’s Instagram official page, the attraction will be Indonesia’s first and biggest botanical night garden. Six zones are available in the tour, viz. Pandan Park, Mexico Park, Aquatic Park, Time Alley (Lorong Waktu), Astrid Park, and Ecodome Park.

The Pandan Park tells about the ecosystem of flora and fauna and the beauty of the Botanical Gardens. Visitors will find deer's footsteps and hear sounds of owls which make them feels like being approached.

The Mexico Park provides an experience of being in a dry climate. There will also be a wide collection of native plants of Central and South America, such as cacti, agave, and yucca.

Unlike the Mexican zone, the Aquatic Park presents various types of plants that live in wet places such as Hanguana Malaya, Sagittaria latifolia, and many more. With the sound of gurgling water and soothing music, it is hoped that visitors can feel a moment of relaxation.

Lorong Waktu or Time Alley zone provides education to tourists about various types of clouds such as altocumulus, stratus, and so on. This instagrammable zone is designed for visitors to take photos.

In Taman Astrid, visitors will learn about the history of the Bogor Botanical Gardens through projection mapping, showing the journey of the garden to date. The last zone is Ecodome Park. Large balls in the area filled with colorful lights are ready to spoil the eyes of visitors. 

However, the GLOW attraction is not yet open to the public. The management announced that the night tour program at the Bogor Botanical Gardens will be opened soon. Visitors are required to book tickets and are advised to wear white shoes for a more remarkable experience. (


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