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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Experiencing Cultural History Tourism in Indonesia Hidden Heritage Week 2021


A tour guide explains the history of Mbah Suro's Hole at a former coal mine in Sawahlunto, Padang, West Sumatra, July 10, 2019. The Ombilin coal mine site has been included in the temporary list of UNESCO world heritage cultural categories since 2015. The Ombilin coal mining site has become the fifth as a UNESCO world cultural heritage in Indonesia, after Borobudur Temple (1991), Prambanan Temple (1991), Sangiran Site (1996) and the Subak system in Bali (2012). ANTARA PHOTOS/Iggoy el Fitra

In succession of the Year of Tourism and Creative Economy Revival, the Creative Hub of Indonesia Hidden Heritage (IHH) held a virtual tourism festival of Indonesia Hidden Heritage Week (IHHW) 2021. There are various events to promote historical and cultural tourism.

"A show of historical and cultural products in a form of festival will be an interest of its own compared to other destinations such as nature and religious tours," stated the Founder and Exec. Director of IHH Nofa Farida Lestari on Tuesday, October 26 2021.

According to Nofa, the historic and cultural attachment of a site has its own uniqueness to visit. The festival also functions to accommodate that.

"Moreover, IHHW offers an esthetic experience for discussion and education for historical culture to the government and people," said Nofa.

Therefore, it helds various activities that represent the richness of heritage through webinars, talk-shows and virtual tours that highlight world heritage sites in Indonesia, nostalgic trips to old office posts along with potential destinations at the outer islands. IHHW 2021 also provides room to add more knowledge from sharing sessions with the Director of Westfries Museum in Netherland , Director of The National Museum and Research Center of Altamira Spain and Curator of The National Railway Museum Australia.

Starting from October 21 to 30, it will hold several activities such as a Webinar titled 'World Heritage Sites in Indonesia', a virtual tour of 'Ombilin Coal Mining Site' and 'Culinary Exploration of Papua'. Talkshow: 'Museum and Gallery Live Talk: from the Post Museum with Love' on @indonesiahiddenheritage 's instagram, Zoom: 'Stories of 10 oldest Post Offices in Indonesia', "Community Gathering: Travel Your City Heritage', and IG Live: Hobbyist Talk: The most Unique Stamps and Postcards in Indonesia' on @indonesiahiddenheritage, 'Online Workshop: Heritage Sketching Class' and 'Watch Love Letter for Kartini'.

Judi Wahjudin, Director of Development and Cultural Institute says the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) fully supports IHHW 2021. " We give our support because basically this heritages are world's assets and are recognized by UNESCO to be used as references."

Meanwhile, the Director of Tourism Products and the Organizer of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) events, Handayani Mustafa, said that the development of historical sites is among the main priorities of Kemenparekraf. "Heritages must be preserved because it contain historical and educational values. We hope the cities in Indonesia can have characters based on its heritages." (Tempo.co)


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