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Friday, December 24, 2021

5 Mangrove Forests Worth Exploring

Kulon Progo Mangrove (Source: jpswisata.com)

Indonesia is home to a number of beautiful mangrove forests that are worth exploring. The forests present an exotic view as mangrove trees grow around the river.

Here are five mangrove forests across the archipelago:

1. Kulonprogo Mangrove Forest, Yogyakarta

The mangrove forest in Kulonprogo is the right destination for trekkers. The trekking area can be found on a bamboo bridge above the water. This is an iconic photo spot for visitors. There are also four bridges crossing the river.

2. Karimunjawa Mangrove Forest, Central Java

The mangrove forest in Karimunjawa Island has a tall tower where tourists can visit to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest and the sea, as well as Cemara Besar Island and Cemara Kecil Island. The tower can be found after walking for 700 meters on the wooden track.

3. Tarakan Mangrove Forest, North Kalimantan

This forest is the lungs of the city of Tarakan. Located in a coastal area, this 21-hectare forest is not only home to mangrove trees but also endemic animals, such as bekantan (proboscis monkey)

4. Pandansari Forest, Brebes

The mangrove forest area reaches 40 hectares and is located in Kaliwlingi Village, Central Java. There are many spots to take pictures in this forest and trekking areas. Visitors must not also fret over getting starving as there are over 70 food stalls in the area.

5. Bagek Kembar, West Lombok

Regional Ecotourism Mangrove Bagek Kembar is a mangrove tourism area that is developed by adopting a Silvofishery system, which is a traditional technology aquaculture model that combines fishery business with mangrove planting. Visitors are allowed to explore the ponds overgrown with mangroves by riding a canoe. (Tempo.co)


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