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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Komodo Island's Steep Entry Fee Allegedly Spark Trip Cancelations


Chairperson of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies Association (ASITA) Nunung Rusmiati on Wednesday in a call with Tempo suspects that the significant increase in entry fee to Komodo Island in the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has an immediate effect on the local tourism industry. She said there are at least 5,000 potential tourists who have canceled their plans to visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites after the government imposed an Rp3.75 million entry fee. 

“This information comes from social media, which we will immediately try to obtain clarification from our members. Because the ASITA has yet received data of canceled trips to Labuan Bajo,” said Rusmianti on August 3. 

However, if the number turns out to be valid, she said it will greatly affect future trips to Labuhan Bajo, which adds to the probable social and economic effects caused by the sudden increase. 

Furthermore, Nunung said, the latest policy on Komodo Island tickets also makes it difficult for entrepreneurs under ASITA that have set prices for vacation packages to Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park long before the new price was announced. Usually, the price of vacation packages is set in March and April each year and is valid for the next year.

"How is it possible for tourism actors to increase the package price by Rp 3 million per person," he said. "This is a problem that is not easy to solve quickly," said Nunung.

The Coordinator of the Function Strengthening Program at Komodo National Park Carolina Noge said the Rp 3.75 million contribution fee for Komodo Island and Padar Island could be used by tourists many times a year on more than one visit. 

Tourists can visit Komodo Island and Padar Island and the surrounding areas many times over a period of one year after paying this conservation contribution fee.

The determination of this entry fee, Carolina claims, has gone through a deep process of assessing services based on ecosystem services. One of the recommendations of the study is to apply conservation costs along with restrictions.

She explained that the Komodo Island ticket price of Rp. 3.75 million was obtained from the results of a study that the conservation costs to be paid were in the range of Rp. 2.8-5.8 million with a limit of 219 thousand-290 thousand people.

"We give a figure that is Rp200,000 (persons) with compensation of Rp. 3.75 million per person per year," said Carolina. (Tempo)

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