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Friday, October 12, 2007

24 Hour-Room Service: Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali

The Malaysian luxury hotel group YTL has developed a strategy for taking over slightly tired properties and revamping them. Tembok Bali, its first location outside Malaysia, opened this summer and focuses more than any of its other properties on the group's renowned spa offering.

The low-key but bijou atmosphere is apparent from the moment you enter the resort via a narrow tree-lined drive. While registration takes place, your feet are washed and massaged in an airy pavilion; at this point you can decide the "discovery path" of spa treatments you wish to take during your stay. On the way to the room you pass the candles, petals and intricate woodwork that are to be found throughout the intimate retreat.

Relaxation and well-being is all: from yoga at dawn to the continual offers of fresh juices and cooled towels as you sun yourself by the pool, to the daily lessons in Balinese crafts and the soft chimes of the gamelan-player that accompany dinner overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Treatments in the spa range from Mesipat (a natural facial) to Penganten Melukat, a two-hour session involving massage, body scrub, hot wrap and flower bath that couples traditionally enjoy three days before their wedding.

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