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Monday, October 15, 2007

Bali dive Puri Jati - Bali Muck Diving

Puri Jati (PJ) lies close to the Zen Hotel and a short distance west of Seririt and 13 km west of Lovina. It is a good place to see small and rare animals like frogfishes, dragonets, seahorses, nudibranchs, ambon scorpionfish and devil fish, flying gunard, the mimic octopus and other rare species of octopus and also, Discovered within the last 3 years, this site is most famous for the chance to see the rare (and as yet unnamed) Mimic Octopus. Other species of Octopus can also be seen here, as can Cuttlefish, a wide variety of crabs and shrimps, Eels, various Nudibrach, and even Devilfish, Ambon Scorpion fish and Flying Gurnard. Lots of Seahorses. A wide area that can take several dives to cover. Bali Rescue and release three eels back to their environment Purple Seahorse found at 33 meters! And what will you see ..Oh yeah...Octopus hiding in cans and bamboo Devilfish Indian Walkman hiding under yellow fabric and Strange crabs, shrimps and other interesting critters.
So many beauties that you should don't miss'em. Also you should prepare for Bali Underwater Photography

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