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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Japan brings culture in Food

Introducing Japanese culture by cookery is a different way of promoting Japanese custom to Indonesia well-known for its dances, music and theatrical performances, spokesperson for the Japan Foundation Diana said.

"We provide dissimilar ways in introducing Japanese culture by holding Japanese Culinary Seminars for vocational school students," she said after handing certificates to the participants on Wednesday.

The culinary seminar is to give a better understanding to the students on Japanese food which not only included fish.

"By holding the seminars, we hope that the students, especially from vocational schools, have a deeper understanding of the Japanese food," she added.

The seminar presented a famous Japanese chef Hirohisa Koyama as a speaker and also a video show showing Japanese cooking techniques which included the selection of Japanese food ingredients its serving.This year Hirohisa chose sate and its Japanese counterpart, yakitori.

"This year I chose sambal (Indonesian traditional sauce) and made it as dressing with some Japanese food. And now I chose sate and compare it to yakitori," the cooking teacher in Paris said.

Hirohisa is the third owner of Aoyagi Restaurant, a high class famous restaurant in Japan. He expanded his culinary business by opening a Japanese restaurant in Indonesia, Basara.

The seminar explored Japanese culinary tradition and its relation to Indonesia, was also attended by the wive of the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia and the President of NPO Nippon Culinary Exchange Institute.

The participants of the seminar were welcomed to ask and see directly the preparations of Japanese delicacies, like okonomiyaki, takoyaki, dorayaki, yakotori and others.

The Seminar and Demonstration of Japan Culinary is one of the programs in Jak-Japan Matsuri 2010 held Nikko Hotel for one week


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