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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bengkulu to turn Panjang beach into tourism destination

Bengkulu provincial government plans to turn Panjang beach into an international tourism destination, and the local people have been asked to support the plan.

Bengkulu Governor Agustrin Najamudin said here that the people of Bengkulu should be prepared to receive foreign tourists to the province to visit the beach.

"All people in the province have to be ready and open to welcome foreign tourists who will come because Panjang beach will be turned into international tourism destination," the governor said.

The govern said the that if a lot of foreign tourists visited Bengkulu, it would certainly increase the local people`s economy and welfare.

Agustrin pointed out that the people in Bali were prosperous because the island has been the main tourism destination in the country that has been visited every months by tourists from many countries.

To improve the economy of the people at coastal areas in Bengkulu, the governor said the local government has built hundreds of home-stays which would be managed directly by the local people.

"Foreign tourists who come to Bengkulu are expected to stay at the local people`s houses located near the beach," the governor said, adding that the foreign tourists preferred staying at home stay to hotels.

Therefore the governor has asked the people in the province to help ensure security and order, and be ready to welcome their foreign guests for the sake of the development in the province.

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