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Thursday, November 25, 2010

For Cheap Eats, Jalan Sabang Place to Be

Cheap and delicious traditional food can be easily found anywhere in the capital. But among foodies, Jalan Sabang in Central Jakarta is one of the most popular spots to get their food fix.

Located near Sarinah department store, one of the oldest malls in Jakarta, Jalan Sabang is busy at any time of the day or night. And while the craving for tasty and affordable food can sometimes cause traffic jams there, many swear by what is on offer.

Hardiyan, a bank employee, said he often goes to Jalan Sabang with his colleagues for lunch. “This is the place to eat tasty and cheap food,” he said, adding that his personal favorites are nasi goreng (fried rice) and chicken satay.

He added that Jalan Sabang has long been famous for its hawkers who make rice dishes that cannot be found elsewhere. “Whatever fried rice you want, you can find it here. Jalan Sabang is simply the best,” he said.

Putri Maryanti, a marketing executive, said Jalan Sabang was her favorite hangout. Aside from the food, Putri likes the street’s unpretentious vibe.

“I’m so bored of going to malls, so I like to spend time on this street,” she said, adding that her favorite is the goat satay. “The food here is good, cheap and tasty.”

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