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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hundreds of Traditional Art Works to Support Tourism

The Kebumen Tourism Office will make maximum use of the local art tourism and culture. This is one strategy to improve the regional revenue from the tourism sector. “Kebumen has much art tourism potential, both collaborative art and its traditional art,” said the Kebumen Tourism Office official, Nasrudin, yesterday.

There are 14 collaborative art works, including angklung (musical instrument from bamboo tubes), ketoprak (traditional drama), rebana (tambourine), and leather puppets. There are 206 traditional Kebumen arts, including ebleg or kuda lumping (bamboo horses with men astride), jamjaneng jemblung, and cepetan. However, all this art potential has not contributed much to regional revenues. “Art and culture have not been properly managed therefore they have not been able to attract many tourists,” he said.

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