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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Indonesia Introduces Sharia-based Tourism

The government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is introducing a sharia-base tourism to boost domestic and foreign tourist visits in Indonesia.

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Mari Elka Pangestu said here on Sunday that the Sharia-based tourism model introduced Islamic tourism objects incorporated with sharia values.

"The tourism potentials are managed by adopting the Islamic values," the minister said.

The Islamic values that could be developed in the tourism sector included halal (allowed based on Islamic law) culinary and Muslim apparel with Islamic values. 

She said that many domestic and foreign tourists looked for halal culinary tourism, and this would be more attractive if sharia-based culinary and fashion tourism were designed in interesting packages.

After all, Indonesia now has a target of becoming a global hub of Muslim fashion by 2020, together with the growing Muslim fashion industry, Mari Elka Pangestu said earlier.

"Indonesia is seeking to become a global hub of the Muslim fashion industry by 2020," she said here on Friday.

The domestic Muslim fashion industry was growing rapidly as reflected by its immense creativity. Therefore, there was a reason for the country to become a global hub of the fashion industry, she said.

"The domestic Muslim fashion industry is extremely creative and the potential market for its products is also large," she added.

She expressed hope that every region in the country will be able to tap their potential and be inspired to develop the Muslim fashion industry.

To achieve the target of being a global hub of the Muslim fashion industry, she said her ministry had organized the Muslim fashion festival every year in Jakarta.

"We have organized the Muslim fashion festival in Jakarta every year," she noted.

In addition, the government also had sponsored three noted Muslim fashion designers, including Dian Pelangi, to participate in overseas exhibitions, she said.
"We brought it (Muslim fashion design) to London. We received an extraordinary response there," she added.(Antara)

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