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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Krakatoa welcomes the Clipper fleet to Indonesia

New York and Liverpool 08 have edged ahead of Nova Scotia as they go on different gybes with a light breeze coming from behind them. Watching the leading four boats is proving to be very exciting. With a new leader almost every schedule as they each try different tactics and are affected by the numerous rain clouds typical of the Monsoon trough.

'How close can it get!' asks Rob McInally, skipper of Nova Scotia. 'We’re under pressure from New York and Liverpool 08 as they came bounding over the horizon late yesterday morning. We spent all night inching our way in front of them through a gate into the Sunda Straight. Around a mark and hundreds of strangely-lit fishing boats in the dark dodged the many ferries and junks. Another gate and then, in daylight, another. The wind on and off giving the advantage to one yacht then the other but at least always a breath to fight for. We managed to stay in front a make the gate first. The tussle for second through continued as the wind died. We are now traveling at one knot sideways, conveniently on a course that will allow us through the numerous oil fields.'

The area the fleet is racing through at the moment has many natural and man-made hazards. These range from shallow areas, reefs and volcanoes to a multitude of oil and gas drilling platforms. Hull & Humber skipper Danny Watson reported earlier today, 'Amazing day sailing thru the Sunda Straits under kite with the Son of Krakatoa sending up plumes of volcanic ash every 15 minutes… spectacular!' Glasgow: Scotland with style Clipper and have both had a ringside seat for this explosive demonstration of nature in the raw.

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