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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Simple but smart slogan for Indonesian tourism year 2008

When a grammatical mistake was spotted in Indonesia's tourism slogan, I felt a little forgiving towards the person responsible, given the task of thinking it up. I am not trying to make excuses; I think we must admit English is one of the most complicated languages in the world.

In fact it is not only the grammar, but pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary that are also hurdles to mastering English. These hurdles are not just challenging for us who were not born as native English speakers, but also for those who were "lucky enough" to be born and educated in an English-speaking environment. Believe me, they frequently make mistakes too.

Hopefully the lesson from the grammatical mistake in our slogan will be that in the future our tourism slogans will only contain words which are warm, not gimmicky, and most importantly, eye-catching. A slogan such as "Explore the chain of islands, explore Indonesia" could be considered a more powerful and captivating slogan.

by Iyan Nurmansyah

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  1. "Explore the chain of islands, explore Indonesia" is correct English, but I think it is lame. Compare it to Malaysia's "Truly Asian", and you see what I mean. Anyway, it is a done deal now, including the blunder.


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