Bali invites 12 foreign ambassadors to watch cultural attractions

Bali`s provincial government has invited the ambassadors of 12 countries to watch cultural attractions before the opening of the 30th Bali Arts Festival on June 14.

"The 12 ambassadors are from countries which will take part in our annual arts activity this year," the head of the Bali Provincial Cultural Office Nyoman Nikanaya said on Friday.

He said the countries included the United States, Japan, Singapore, India, South Korea, Thailand, Britain and Malaysia.

The arts festival would present nine local and 12 foreign arts troupes.

The foreign arts troupes would also take part in a cultural parade and arts performances in collaboration with arts groups from other parts of Indonesia.

The number of foreign arts troupes taking part in the event this year is the same as last year. They come from seven countries, namely Japan, China, South Korea, India, the United States, Singapore and Canada.

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