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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mayestik market: Treasure trove of fabrics and more

When you're talking about Mayestik market in South Jakarta, the first thing to mention is fabric.

All types of fabrics can be found here, from those at the low end of the quality scale right through to luxurious silks.

Shoppers are free to choose among various colors and patterns to create that perfect dress for a wedding or party. Prices are low for great quality and a range of options.

Brocade, for example, costs from Rp 10,000 (US$1.06) per meter, while French lace is priced from Rp 250,000 per meter. You can also find various silks with prices starting from Rp 30,000 per meter.

Already found the perfect fabric for your dress? You can take it to one of the dressmakers or tailors who occupy Block C of Mayestik market.

When the updated Mayestik market was opened in 1981, garment vendors began to dominate the 6,500-square-meter market.

Today, the market has become not only a place for fabric fans, but also for cooking lovers.

In Blocks A and B of the market, you can find a wide range of cooking utensils.

You'll only be able to experience the traditional market ambiance, though, until the end of the year because PD Pasar Jaya plans to renovate it into a modern shopping center.

So you'd better hurry if you want to experience an adventurous shopping spree in Mayestik.

To get there, take a bus to Blok M bus station and take a bajaj to the market. Don't forget to dress casually and wear comfortable sandals or shoes, as most of the buildings are not air conditioned.

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