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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pendet dancers in Malaysia tourism ads are Balinese: lecturer

The dancers in the controversial Malaysian tourism advertisement, which features the Balinese pendet dance, are Balinese, says a professor at the Indonesian Art Institute at Denpasar.

"The two girls in the ads are our alumni. The shots were taken about two or three years ago," the professor, Wayan Dibia, said Monday as quoted by

He urged the government to compile data on Indonesian art and cultural heritage to prevent its being passed off as a part of other cultures.

The Indonesian government has vowed to seek clarification from the Malaysian government about the motive behind the use of pendet dance in the tourism ads.

Malaysia has claimed cultural links to many Indonesian artistic legacies, such as batik, and the reog ponorogo dance.



  1. Pendet is definitely Bali, how can a sane person think otherwise?

  2. We here in Malaysia don’t know really, why are our brothers and sisters in Indonesia have sour feeling towards us, why suddenly? Jangan kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga or jangan marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar. We are serumpun and being that we are of course share a lot of things, Saya faham apa kamu cakap … itu bahasa Indonesia kah? bahasa Malaysia kah? no problem bacause we are BROTHERS and SISTERS and don’t get carried away with small matters. As siblings we eat, sleep, solat, quarrel, laugh together … air dicincang tidak akan putus, don’t you think so? If I’m wrong, just give slap on my wrist, I’d say I’m sorry, let just forget it and get along.


  4. While malaysia tv and press keep raising fund for indonesia earthquake victims ... Tv&press indo keep yelling ganyang malaysia"

    Before indo sweep malaysian... God did swept indo to the earth...

    "kita serempun"... Semanget deh...
    Engga punya beda keterunan, agama san bangsanya... Tourism minister should read the history..


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