Eat, Pray, Love And Protest as Julia Roberts Starts Filming in Bali

Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is famous for being a down-to-earth film star whom everyone loves. But a resolute clump of about a dozen protesters managed to break her spell, and cast Bali’s easy-going nature into doubt, as they picketed the first day of filming on her latest Hollywood project, “Eat, Pray, Love,” on Thursday.

It was not the ideal start of filming for the star-studded film, particularly for those in Bali eager to showcase the island as the ideal film location.

Police officers said the protest stemmed from insufficient publicity about shooting schedules and locations, with some disgruntled residents expressing surprise at certain venues being used. Disputes also arose over payment for the use of some locations.

“Maybe not many people knew [about the filming], so they were surprised and held a protest,” said Tjok Raka Kertiyasa, an official with a local banjar (traditional town council).

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