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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mengwi Bali’s Royal Cremation 2010 (Revised)

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Royal Cremation ceremony of Mengwi’ queen’s, Ida Tjokorda Istri Winten from Puri Ageng Mengwi, Friday (Juli 2nd, 2010 was attended by thousands of Mengwi residents. The royal cremation ceremony took place around 1 PM with a grand procession of nine-tier cremation tower and three bull-shaped sarcophagi that are used as cremation container for the deceased. The procession started from the courtyard of the Mengwi’s palace and ended at the graveyard of Mengwi village. Upon arriving at the graveyard body of the queen is taken down from the cremation tower and then kept in the white bull sarcophagi for the cremation. The body was cremated along with the sarchopai. After the cremation ceremony, the remains of the queen were taken to the sea for a send off with proper ceremony.

This royal ceremony is not just for the Queen of Menwi but also for 104 of retainer, this cremation can also be categorized as mass cremation. Apart from a normal cremation ceremony this cremation ceremony also joined by some retainers who held ngelungah ceremony. Ngelungah ceremony is a type of cremation ceremony that is designed for baby whose age is 42 days up to the fall of his or her first teeth.

Ngelungah is a type of cremation ceremony in which the deceased can not be cremated right away but it has to be buried first and when there is a cremation ceremony is held the Ngelungah ceremony can be held as supplementary ceremony to the proper ngaben ceremony. The Ngelungah ceremony though can be categorized as ngaben but in most area in Bali it is can not be held on its own it should be held in accordance with other type of Ngaben.

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