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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Surfing: Why Bali's hotbed is getting hotter

This great video clip below from INSurfNews' lead editor, Andrew Oliver, is the latest of many to shed light on the creativity emanating out of Bali's best surfers.

Local boys Betet Merta, Dede Suriyana and Marlon Gerber represent the tip of the spear for Bali's ever-swelling local ranks. Over the past decade these guys have undoubtedly seen more high performance surfing than anyone else on the planet.

Bali's gorgeous scenery and highly rippable surf make it the new mecca of high-performance surfing -- where the world's best go to have fun, frolic and get their freak on in the water.

As the cover to the right so beautifully illustrates, the locals have been absorbing the lessons brought in from distant shores. And as you'd expect, the they're dutifully adding their own twists, supporting Nick Carroll's cover story argument in the same September issue of Surfing Magazine.

By: Chris Mauro,
Surfing Video with music

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