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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Farewell To Ni Ronji, Farewell To An Inspirational Woman

Shocking news came from Blanco’s sanctuary in Campuhan, Ubud, on Sunday (25/11). Ni Ronji, beloved wife of the late Don Antonio Blanco has passed away because of little accident in her home. Everybody from Indonesian government to local Balinese bid farewell to this mother of 4 children.

Born in village of Penestanan, Ubud, Ni Ronji was talented Balinese dancer. She then met with an internationally-acclaimed painter named Antonio Blanco and became his wife. Ni Ronji was not only Blanco’s wife but also his friend, his model, and the biggest support in his life. Blanco who was the adherent of “Romantic Expressionism” used Ni Ronji as his model on his most art works. For his classy paintings, Blanco became one of world painter.

However, their married life was not that easy. As an idealist artist, Blanco decided not to sell his paintings though they were in financial difficulties. As a wife, Ni Ronji couldn’t force Blanco to do something against his determination. And here Ni Ronji was, with the financial difficulties and idealist husband, she was successful to survive. Even Ni Ronji was always there beside Blanco when important friends including first RI’s president coming to their home. She performed the most famous Balinese dance to welcome them.

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