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Monday, November 8, 2010

Gde Ardika proposes limitation to Bali Tourists

The Minister of Tourism and Culture from the Megawati Era, Gde Ardika, has proposed the limitation of Bali tourists so that the Bali support capacity can be maintained.

“This is no longer the time for mass tourism, but more of a qualitative target,” he said yesterday in Bali.
Right now, according to Ardika, Bali, which was visited by 1.9 million tourists, has surpassed its capacity.
This can be seen by traffic jams everywhere, the lack of water supply, the electricity crisis and a land struggle between the tourism industry and agriculture.
If not anticipated, he added, Bali will reach a saturation point and tourists will not come.
To increase the quality, said Ardika, the cultural tourism strategy must be maintained.
But instead of becoming a commodity, culture is an opportunity for tourists to interact with Bali’s people.
On the other side, Bali people could get something from the cultural exchange.
“So it is not just about the money,” he said.

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