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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Janger Kolok (Deaf-Mute)

Some people underestimate on disabled people. Some people think the disabled people can’t do anything even for themselves. It could be right but the deaf-mute people in Bengkala village prove this totally wrong. They have considerable expertise in entertaining others through dancing Janger despite the fact that they can’t hear the musical accompaniment.

Bengkala village is situated on Kubutambahan district, Buleleng regency, northern area of Bali. 2% from total population of 2.216 is deaf-mute people. However surprisingly they are accepted as normal people, they do what normal people do. Even some of them said to the media that their disability needs not to be regretted. And here they are. They are successful to change people’s thought about them even more give a real action to prove they deserve to gain the normal life.

Besides indulging in daily activity such as plough the field, secure the village as security officer, and stones seeker, some of these disabled people are also the artists. They are the members of sekaa-a group- of Janger Kolok, a Janger for deaf-mute people. The famous Janger in Bali is modified so that these disabled people can dance without hearing musical accompaniment

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