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Friday, February 11, 2011

3 Reasons to visit the Komodo Island

The Komodo Island is a reasonably small island and has a population of just over 2000 people. Despite this relatively intimate setting, the locals are very welcoming and there are a number of activities to entertain tourist. Below are just some of the things that you could do on trip to the Komodo Island.

Wildlife - The Komodo Dragons are famous world wide as they are the last remaining animals of their type left on earth. The giant lizards grow up to 4 metres in length and are a huge draw for tourists due to the fact that they have remained unchanged for millions of years. By watching Komodo Dragons you can actually gain an insight into what wildlife was like in ancient times.

Sea life - The Komodo Island is surrounded by glorious ocean. You can either go on boat trips to enjoy the scenery and crystal clear waters, or go snorkelling and experience the sea life which is so rich and assorted. The shallow reefs in particular offer a splendid experience which will never be forgotten. By venturing further out into deeper waters you will be able to view the variety of large fish which patrol the waters.

Beaches - The beaches on Komodo Island are sandy and exquisite. The so called pink beach, with its red sands and glorious scenery is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Visiting these beaches provides all the hallmarks of a luxury break.

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