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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Best Bubur in Jakarta

Bubur, or rice porridge, is a very popular dish in most Asian countries, including Indonesia. Porridge can be enjoyed on its own or eaten with a variety of side dishes. And even though the dish comes in many variations, it is always easily recognizable by its thick, runny texture.

Different cultures have influenced the way porridge is cooked and eaten. While in some countries porridge is primarily consumed for breakfast or late supper, in others it is eaten as a substitute for rice.

Because of its widespread popularity, it is almost impossible to track down where porridge originated. However, according to a Chinese legend, the dish was created by the Yellow Emperor, also known as Huang Di.

In China, porridge has played an important role in traditional health. It is simple to make and easy for the body to absorb, and has been known as “the first healthy food under heaven.” The famous poet Lu You praised porridge in his Poem of Porridge. And there was even a study on porridge written during the Qing Dynasty entitled “Book of Porridge.”

In Jakarta, the ubiquitous porridge can be purchased pretty much anywhere from top-notch restaurants to street vendor carts. In some households porridge is associated with a family member being under the weather because its texture is considered easy to digest. In other homes porridge is a tasty staple suitable for all seasons. No matter what your taste, we’re confident that our list of the city’s best places to enjoy a bowl of porridge will have you covered.

Places (details):
Jalan Tanjung, Menteng, Central Jakarta
Aneka Bubur, Radio Dalam, South Jakarta
Ta Wan, Pacific Place or Setiabudi One
Bubur Barito
Bubur Bun Ong
Bubur Cikini

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