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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Singapore's Silkair targeting eastern Indonesia flight

SilkAir, a subsidiary company of Singapore Airlines, has targeted the flight market in eastern Indonesia to boost its flights operation.

"The eastern part of Indonesia has a potential market, which we believe will increase in the future," the Assistant for Sales and Reservations of SilkAir Yumiana stated here on Friday.

Yumiana said SilkAir has been operating in Makassar since 2013. "Makassar city is the air hub for eastern Indonesian flights, thus the passengers not only come from the city, but also from other areas in eastern Indonesia," Yumiana pointed out.

According to Yumiana, SilkAir has three flight schedules in a week, with an average 80 percent of the seats occupied. The total number of seats occupied will increase during school holidays.

SilkAir is targeting the middle to higher class groups by offering several services. "We have offered 30 kilograms of baggage capacity for economy class and 40 kilograms for business class, as well as in-flight meals," Yumiana noted.

Currently, SilkAir has direct flights operating from Makassar to Singapore and other destinations, such as Beijing, India, and Europe.

"By promoting our brand, in the future, the number of passengers can be increased from Makassar as well as from other cities in eastern Indonesia," Yumiana added. (Antara)

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