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Monday, November 9, 2015

Twelve ambassadors attend Toraja Cultural Festival

As many as 12 ambassadors from Asian, European, African, and American countries took part in the Lovely Toraja Cultural Festival in Toraja, South Sulawesi, on Monday.

"The ambassadors from friendly countries have visited several tourist attractions in Toraja before participating in the main event of the festival," local police spokesman Senior Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera remarked in Toraja on Monday.

Acting North Toraja District Head Jufri Rahman noted that the festival will be attended by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.

To ensure the success of the festival, the local government has urged the police and military personnel to maintain security and order.

He stated that joint security personnel from the policy and military have been deployed on November 6-9.

Tana Toraja, or Toraja, is one of the beautiful regions in South Sulawesi Province.

From a distance, one can observe the jagged ridges of the hill stretching side by side along the slopes of the mountains.

Moreover, the visitors can explore scenic valleys where bamboo and sugar palms are grown, and also the beautifully carved and colored traditional houses with curved roofs made by the skillful people of Toraja found among the paddy fields. (Antara)

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